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Smokin Joe's BBQ Pit Review

Chef's Dream

I bought this charcoal for my grill (big green egg) because I needed a nice dense fuel for controlled long burns. It did not disappoint! Straight out of the box, the density of the coal was obvious from the weight of each log. As one would expect from such a dense fuel, it took a little more effort to light than your average coal. But once it got started, the heat was even and and controllable. My rib eye roast got the low and slow treatment and turned out fall-off-the-bone delicious.

The Best

This is an amazing product, it's better than the usual charcoal, we use it for labor day and it last all day from noon to seven in the night and we grilled everything on it,, from chicken to sausage, to shrimp and lobster, perfect charcoal !

Highly Recommended

Phenomenal charcoal. Can't believe how long it lasts. High temp burn as well. Buying a second box. Highly recommended.

Restaurants Love Us

Burns 3-5X longer than traditional charcoal requiring a much lower replenishment rate.

100% made from Organic Coconut shells - NO ADDITIVES, NO CHEMICALS, NO BINDERS.

Even burn throughout, log sizes are between 3"-7" with a burn hole that create an even burn.

Available by pallet and container sizes for wholesale discounts.

Manufactured by Blazing Coco in North America.

Quality Control is high and consistent.

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About Blazing Coco

Our premium coconut charcoal logs are made up of natural coconut shells that have been sourced from sustainable locations. Coconut is naturally dense and our unique blend contains no additives to give you some of the world's finest coconut charcoal.

We understand that good and reliable charcoal is the essence of a great outdoor cooking experience. Don't settle for cheap alternatives or conventional lump charcoal products.

That's why we are proud to provide a clean and green alternative that will burn up to 3 times longer, cleaner without compromising on flavour. Perfect for beginners who like to fire up the BBQ every once in a while to the professional chef or every day grill master.

You'll notice the difference immediately after opening up each box. Especially after you start grilling and turning up the heat. The taste after each and every cook. The lack of odor and smoke allows you to retain all that natural flavor time and time again.